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Modern Xeriscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Modern Xeriscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Modern Xeriscaping Ideas For Your Outdoor Space Not sure you're ready to say goodbye to your grass? No problem! You can always xeriscape a portion of ...

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What is Xeriscape Gardening?

What the heck does Xeriscape mean and how does it save water? Find out and do the planet a favour. Kyla discovers the principals and story behind what is ...

7 Principles of Xeriscape Gardening

Saving water in the landscape - that's what Xeriscaping is. There are 7 principles of Xeriscaping that you can apply to any style of landscaping.

Xeriscape is not a garden, it's a system

Approaching Xeriscape as the entire system outlined in this video will help homeowners create not only water-wise yards, but also beautiful and sustainable ...

Xeriscaping ideas in Austin

As Austin's weather gets hotter and dryer, more people are xeriscaping their lawns and gardens to create modern, hip, cool spaces that also require much less ...

Xeriscaping in the Okanagan

The message of water conservation is an important one this summer in the Okanagan. We visit a Xeriscape garden to learn about the benefits of planting ...

Xeriscaping: Less Grass, More Color

Thanks to a renewed focus on native plants and intelligent landscaping techniques, a modern xeriscape design can be the envy of the neighborhood. Here are ...

What is Xeriscaping?

David Rice, the conservation program manager at Weber Basin Conservancy District, breaks down xeriscaping and gives some helpful tips to consider a water ...

Las Vegas' Changing landscape | The New York Times

As a result of a severe water shortage in Nevada, officials are promoting dry landscaping, or \

Heres how you can Xeriscape / Landscape your yard!

Xeriscape Landscaping.

Xeriscaping Tips: Efficient Irrigation

Wake Up 2Day - Take 2.

Xeriscape Yard, Stone, reduced sod & Native & Adapted plants , Lisa's Landscape & Design (updated)

Lisa LaPaso, owner of LL&D shows her space updated from the original post. A recent conversion from 75% sod to 25% sod and Xerophytic gardens using ...

Xeriscaping: native plants and a drought-tolerant yard (LEED landscape in Sun Valley, Idaho)

Sun Valley, Idaho landscape ecologist Kelly Weston likes to make clear native landscapes don't have to be messy. \

What is XERISCAPING? What does XERISCAPING mean? XERISCAPING meaning, definition & explanation

What is XERISCAPING? What does XERISCAPING mean? XERISCAPING meaning, definition & explanation. Xeriscaping (often incorrectly spelled ...

Backyard xeriscape ideas

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (https://www.youtube.com/upload)

Xeriscaping Design Ideas - VizX Design Studios - (855) 781-0725

Xeriscaping Design Inspiration Gallery #GetVizXed Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from ...

Xeriscaping and Growing Cactus

Wisdom And growing cactus in the high desert. Visit Our Web site at: http://thewayofthings.org/ Visit Our YouTube channel at: ...

How To Prepare Soil For A Xeriscape Bed

Learn how a Texas gardener prepares the soil for a xeriscape bed. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.

Good Xeriscape Design Idea & Installation

For more information and materials visit: http://www.earthstonerock.com/default.asp There are several things that went very well in the low cost xeriscape design ...

The Latest in Landscaping - Xeriscaping

WELCOME! Get cool products and more resources on xeriscaping over at http://www.jenbtv.com/the-latest-in-landscaping-xeriscaping EPISODE SUMMARY: ...

Xeriscape Conversion


Xeriscape garden tour

http://www.AimFlagstaff.com Our first garden tour to show you what can be grown at high altitude and give you some ideas for your own garden or landscaping.

Intro to Xeriscape


X factor for high desert gardens is xeriscaping

Xeriscape plants can help you beautify your yard and cut back on watering. In this, the 12th episode of the Statesman's Dig In gardening video series, Advanced ...

Xeriscaping - Every Weed Control Mistake Possible

Xeriscaping is the term for low water landscaping. We were asked to provide materials for this job site and some suggestions for how to do the work properly.

Xeriscaping in Santa Fe, New Mexico | McCumber Fine Gardens

Xeriscaping in Santa Fe, New Mexico | Landscapers in Santa Fe SantaFeGardening.com Xeriscaping is a method of landscape design that not only makes ...

Xeriscape Gardening: Drought Resistant Plants

Want to use less water but still have a beautiful, blooming garden? Kyla discovers that having an eco-garden is all about xeriscaping with drought resistant ...

Watersaver Lane - Xeriscaping with native plants

Brad Wier from San Antonio Water System's Conservation department shares how Xeriscaping with native plants can be a great colorful garden option.

Xeriscaping on Real Estate Essentials - Huskie'z Landscaping, Inc (801) 803-6301

In this clip from the television program Real Estate Essentials, Zach Hinckley the president and CEO of Huskie'z Landscaping, Inc talks about his xeriscaping ...

Xeriscaping New Mexico USA

This was a xeriscaping job I started in July 2011 at the home I purchased in New Mexico a year or so earlier. Wanted to remove everything that needed a lot of or ...

Xeriscaping - rock river. Drought tolerant, low water use landscaping

here are some examples for drought tolerant plants: https://goo.gl/iC3hZM https://goo.gl/f9GK54 https://goo.gl/phS3a8.

How to Xeriscape a Yard With No Grass : Landscaping Designs & Ideas

Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowgarden Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowgarden Xeriscaping is using ...

Xeriscape plants for the Northern Colorado


Dogs meet xeriscaping



David Hillock, OSU Extension Consumer Horticulturist, discusses Xeriscaping and a few principles to follow when creating a Xeriscape garden.

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